Terms and Conditions

The customer is hiring EZH, Inc. as an agent on their behalf to locate a sub contract auto transport company to relocate their vehicle(s). Upon completion in contracting a carrier, a customer service representative will update the customer via email, phone call and or text message if supplied. The information supplied will provide the sub contract carrier’s company name, contact phone number and their estimated dates for retrieval and delivery.

The carrier relocating the customer’s vehicle(s) will confirm an appointment time 6 to 24 hours in advance for the origin and destination. The customer does not hold EZH, Inc and it is agents liable for any delays or damages to vehicle(s).

1007phr_05_o+1970_dodge_challenger+The contract carrier will perform an inspection report at the origin noting any and all pre existing damages prior to loading the vehicle(s). The contract carrier and origin customer must sign the inspection form agreeing to the condition of the vehicle(s) to be accurate and copies of the signed inspection form supplied to both parties.

Auto Shippers are not allowed, by the Department of Transportation (DOT), to carry anything defined as Household Goods. If your vehicle exceeds the standard gross vehicle weight, you can be accessed a minimum of $250 overweight fee. Likewise, auto transport insurance will not cover any items left in the vehicle.

Another important thing to remember with auto transporters is that it isn’t always just a case of somebody hauling your auto from one place to another. Many companies use large vehicle transporters for standard-sized vehicles and your car may travel all over the country to deliver other loads before it reaches its destination. In some countries the transport truck will have to go through customs, weigh stations, and check points. The position of your vehicle on the transport itself can also determine when you get it. All of these factors and more play a role in determining when you get your vehicle. Be sure to ask if the car shipping company can give a fixed delivery date or an estimate within a fixed period of a few days. You may also want to ask if the transporter can guarantee a door to door service for the transportation, or if you will need to go pick up your car from a lot. The transport vehicles are often too large to negotiate small residential streets. In this case the auto transport service may offer an alternative pick-up point or the driver may use his judgment to unload the car in a safe and suitable location close to your home.